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From BRON TAYLOR, PhD; Professor of religion and nature, environmental ethics, and environmental studies at the University of Florida; Editor-in-Chief of the Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture (JSRNC):

JOY has become an important member of the editorial team producing the Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture. A meticulous and experienced editor, JOY is usually the last one to review manuscripts because very little escapes her eagle-eye. She not only attends to the details of grammar and punctuation but often makes comments and suggestions that lead authors to make to substantive improvements. JOY is, moreover, the kind of person who quickly turns around work and is appropriately communicative if there may be a bottleneck. In short, JOY is the kind of professional with whom it is a joy to work.

From PAUL ZOLBROD, PhD; Emeritus Professor of English, Allegheny College; Adjunct Professor, Native American mythology, Pacifica Graduate Institute; Adjunct Professor of Humanities, Diné College-Crownpoint, NM:

I had the great pleasure of being JOY‘s dissertation adviser and have nothing but the highest praise for her work, which provides exemplary models of clarity now all too rare in much academic writing. Let me add that whether spoken or written, liveliness and good humor mark JOY‘s discourse in a tone that combines enthusiasm and intelligent command.

In reading JOY’s dissertation I found myself remarking repeatedly to myself how gifted JOY is in her ability to juxtapose scholarly research with the pleasure that comes from reading good prose—something evident as well in how her classroom comments captured the attention of her fellow students. Eclectic in applying mythology to environmental ethics, JOY‘s thesis combined a broad familiarity with classical and Native American mythic narratives in approaching environmental issues from a variety of perspectives in a viable, compelling argument. A veteran of fifty-plus years of college level teaching who has seen a drastic change in student reading habits, I am all too aware of a need for such literacy-based engagement and for fostering the integration of high level thinking with a clear, readable command of primary and secondary material. I should add that I have heard Pacifica graduates praise JOY‘s editorial services as well.


Dr. GREENBERG has been the editor of my graduate academic papers for the last two years, providing suggestions on overall paper structure, clarity of expression, and general proofreading. Using her expertise in the subject matter she has also been able to suggest additional ideas that tie in to my original themes. All the while she encourages my voice to be the one that is heard and provides constructive criticism so that I am the one correcting my own paper.

I have found all of this immeasurably useful especially as English is not my native language, but I have also derived unexpected benefits over and above these editing functions. Although I can speak English fluently, I have found in the past that my writing tends to feel stilted. With Dr. GREENBERG’s careful and respectful feedback, I now notice that I can complete a first draft with comparative ease as I have learned to write without fear in setting my ideas to paper. My relationship with Dr. GREENBERG has gone beyond that of writer and editor into one that includes learning and freedom. She has at all times treated me professionally, amiably, and with respect, and she has shown an intuitive way of understanding and anticipating my individual needs. It is my pleasure to write this letter.


While I have been a documentarian, published songwriter, and poet for the past thirty years, my aversion to “scholarly writing” was so great that I could not imagine myself delivering the three 10-15 page papers every quarter required for my PhD program in Philosophy and Archetypal Psychology. As I contemplated quitting my PhD program, however, JOY GREENBERG encouraged me to incorporate more of a personal slant, all the while adhering to the structure and MLA conventions demanded of scholars.

It is only since working with JOY for the past year that I have gained an understanding of what one might call “academic writing.” Specifically, she was most instrumental in helping me learn how to “paraphrase” quotes to support my arguments. Moreover, while I did not believe that I would ever be published as an academic writer, my first paper was published this year in the Mythological Studies Journal at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Still another paper was added this year to my professor’s website as an example of strong and original Academic writing.

My professors have commented how impressed they are with my ability to “think outside the box,” yet maintain a solid academic foundation in my writing. This is directly a result of Joy’s input and guidance. Although it was not my goal to receive all As, with JOY’s encouragement and perseverance, I have been a straight A student for the past two years and just completed my Masters.

These are some of the comments I have received:

  • “What an excellent essay! So well written, researched and argued. A pleasure to read, and interesting as well.”
  • “Here is the best kind of convergence of scholarly reflection and social action. Somehow facts aren’t enough for us. Until the mythic-cosmic layers of life are invoked, we seem unmoved. I hope this work and writing continues.”
  • “Your paper was, in my view, the most well argued critique of the work and the best attempt at revisioning it.”

I could not recommend JOY GREENBERG enough, mostly because she is a highly intelligent, caring human being and has been there for me whenever I have needed her help.


JOY GREENBERG is not only an excellent editor but a wonderful teacher as well. I don’t think I could have finished my Master’s thesis without her help, but I also feel as though my writing has improved dramatically under her tutelage. My coming to sense that I have something important to say is thanks to JOY‘s helping me to organize my thoughts and arrange them in a grammatically beautiful way.


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